Exhibition Tent Rental Dubai

Ramadan Tent Rentals 2019

Al-Fares International Tents knows how significant your event is to you, either it’s a Ramadan Tent or Iftar Tent, we will work with you in as large or small a capacity as you need. Al-Fares International Tents will make it our priority to make you well-situated with the planning process by staying in direct contact with you through every single step, or as often as you want. We provide the custom-made traditional tents and marquees, PVC tents, aluminum tents, Steel tents and car parking shades allowing us to give our customers the best design and tents solution for their upcoming events and occasions. We use a wide range of fabric and materials with different varieties of colors.

Ramadan Tents Rentals DubaiRamadan Tents RentalsRamadan Tents Rentals

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Please Call or email for tent pricing, set up/take down, and delivery fees.

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تأجير خيام الزفاف الإمارات

الخيام الاحتفال

توفر الفارس العالمية للخيام أرقى خيام الزفاف ذات الجودة العالية. أفضل مزود خيام الحفلات في الإمارات العربية المتحدة

تأجير خيام الزفاف الإمارات


For Inquiry: +971 6 556 3444 | Whatsapp: +971 56 247 5586 | Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com

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Exhibition Tent Rental Dubai

Ramadan Tents Dubai

Ramadan Tents For Sale and Rental in UAE

Ramadan Tents Dubai 2019 | Ramadan Tents 2019 | Best Ramadan Tents Dubai 2019 | Ewaan Ramadan Tent | Iftar Tents Dubai 2019 | Suhoor Tents Dubai 2019| Al Majlis Ramadan Tent | Ramadan Tent Names

Al-Fares International Tent offers Ramadan marquee tents of all sizes and types in the United Arab Emirates and its all cities. We are major manufacturers and suppliers of marquee tent in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah with an extensive range of top-quality marquee tent and clear span structures ranging in widths from 10m to 70m, and extending to virtually any length. Ramadan tents mainly used for different occasions in the month of Ramadan. Al-Fares International Tents high-quality marquee tents make the perfect environment for any structural need. We manufacture and supply Best Ramadan Tents Dubai, Iftar Tents Dubai, Suhoor Tents Dubai, and Al Majlis Ramadan Tents. 

2Ramadan Tents Dubai

For Inquiry: +971 6 556 3444 | Whatsapp: +971 56 247 5586 | Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com

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Exhibition Tent Rental Dubai

Tents For Rent in Abu Dhabi

Al-Fares International Tent company’s extensive knowledge about marquees, tents, and shades and commitment to providing our customers with high-quality products. By understanding and communicating with our clients need, we transcend their anticipations. Over the years we have been successfully manufacturing, supplying and installing tents in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and across the United Arab Emirates for the event and exhibition, trade shows, grand opening ceremonies, aircraft steel hanger, refugees, majlis, parking spaces, safaris, hotel entrances, weddings, Ramadan tents, labour tents, camping, churches, funeral, dispensary, family relief, hanger, beaches.

Tents For Rent in Abu Dhabi

Tents For Sale in Abu DhabiTents For Sale in Abu Dhabi

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Please let us know the number of persons you’re expecting, the tent you’re interested in and the date of your event along with any other useful information, to allow us to best help you plan your event. We aim to get back to all inquiries within 12 hours.

For Inquiries: +971 6 556 3444 | WhatsApp: +971 58 220 1425 | Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com

Exhibition Tent Rental Dubai

Tents for Sale in Dubai

Al-Fares International Tents manufacture and supply the custom made tents to all over the UAE. Our Tent Rental Services and Tents for Sale in Dubai for different kinds of events like Wedding, Party, Ramadan, Exhibitions, Tradeshows, Product launching Ceremonies Tents, Corporate events, Sports events, Fashion Shows Tents etc. Al-Fares international Tents has different types of tents with various size, designs, and shapes. Our Tents can be delivered and installed just about anywhere in UAE. You can choose your event in your favorite parks in Dubai or even outside a gorgeous mansion we can installed our tent anywhere.

Tent Rental Dubai | Tent Rental Abu Dhabi | Tent Rental Sharjah

Tents for Sale in Dubai

For Inquiries Please Contact: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com 

Exhibition Tent Rental Dubai

Swimming Pool Tents and Shades Dubai

Al-Fares International Tents manufacture, supply, and export the highest quality products and services to all of our customers in UAE and other Gulf, African and European countries. Our goal is to provide a great relationship with our customers by fulfilling their each and every need when it comes to providing tents and shades structures.


Our experienced structural engineers and design managers will ensure that they will cover every need. Al-Fares International Tent utilizes the finest machinery & tools to ensure reliability, speed, and proficiency. We provide the best customization options for Swimming Pool Tents & Shades in Dubai


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WhatsApp: +971 50 687 9666 | +971 58 220 1425

For inquiry please call: +971 6 556 3444

Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com | info@alfaresintl.com


Exhibition Tent Rental Dubai

Points to Consider for Assembling the Outdoor Tents

As the demands are increasing, tents and sheds have been utilized greatly in various big events, outdoor exhibitions, weddings, and corporate events in UAE, therefore the safety required in order to the maintenance of tents should be specially observed. 

Al-Fares International Tents

The reason of this blog post is to supply a source of information aimed at the tents manufacturers in Dubai and shades installers, project managers and company owners that describes in layman’s terms, secure procedures for setting up tents and industry-accepted best practices for their maintenance and care.

Following are the few points tents and shades manufacturing companies need to consider while assembling the tents and shades. 

Different ambiance requires specific maintenance. Its rely on the local wind speed and weather forecast. A project engineer should follow the weather forecast report while designing the temporary structure. A Structural engineer needs to do a set of calculations or blueprints to summarize a structural analysis for a tent system.

Al-Fares Tensile Structures

The visual aspect of tents will have a tempt on the moods of guests, thus influence rental customers. To maintain your Tensile Fabric in top-notch condition, cleaning and sustenance are important. Therefore, if you would like your tensile structure to stay in the same caliber as at installation in order to extend its lifespan, it is recommended to check it regularly.

Since tents can be used repeatedly, install and disassemble over and over again will make friction on aluminum frame and fabrics, hence will have some damages after an age. When the workers are unskilled, misoperations will very likely to happen while assembling, So we suggest cultivating skilled workers in order to decrease the damages to the tent, and to reduce the constructing costs.

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Car Parking Shades Manufacturer and Supplier

Car Parking Shades Supplier UAE

Supported by decades of experience in the outdoor tents and shades industry, Al Fares International Tents Shade is proud to provide customized and innovative shade structures and car canopies in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. From government to private sectors we provide our services to all across the United Arab Emirates, we have all the designs and structures you’re looking for your car parking shades. So when you’re looking for just the right shade canopy for your organization and residential place, come to us! Our extensive catalog includes protective structures of all kinds, able to shield you from UV rays as well as merciless heating weather in UAE.

Contact us today to learn more! LANDLINE: +971 6 556 3444 | +971 56 247 5586 | Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com

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Contact us today to learn more! LANDLINE: +971 6 556 3444 | +971 56 247 5586 | Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com