Exhibition Tent Rental Dubai

Summer! Period of Festivals, Concerts, and Event Shows

Tents for Events | Festivals, Concerts and Cultural Events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam!

From festivals to concert shows, summer is the season of celebrations, shows, and outdoor occasions all over the world. What they all have in common: the requirement for tents and mobile structures for their event. The chances for use of tents and marquees are unending in any festival and concert events, arraying from pop up shops, information stands, shishas lounges, food stalls, ticket offices, bazar uses and much more.

Tents for Festivals, Concerts
Tent Structure by Al Fares International Tents!

Also, to guarantee that your tent will be seen in the event, we prescribe a printed or colored tent. This serves superbly as a promoting medium at occasions of any size and particularly raises your perceivability at any events and exhibition. A flag on the top of your tent will expand perceivability considerably more.

Tents for Festivals and Concerts
Tent Rental Services – Al Fares Tents
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Tents For Events – Al Fares Tents
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Event Tents For Festivals by Al Fares International Tents!
SS7S & K-POP Night in JEDDAH
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Concert Tents by Al Fares Tents.
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Tents and Marquees for Events
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Concert Tents by Al Fares Tents.
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Tents & Marquees for Events

Most of the Al Fares Tents and Marquees are rented for the purpose of accommodating outdoor events such as exhibitions, tradeshows, wedding celebrations, parties, family reunions, concerts, festivals, carnivals, church ceremonies, and many other outdoor events. Apart from that Al Fares Intl. Tents also engage in other complimentary services such as party rental services like furniture rental and event and exhibition planning services.

Concert Tent Rental | Large Festival Tent | Structure Tent



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